Hokoku Corporation


For possibilities of Castor oil for fine chemicals

Friendly to the earth   Meeting the needs of the times
In order to meet rapidly changing demand, we have developed various products for diverse fields with vegetable oil “castor oil”.
We are also paying attention to the new markets such as automobile or electronic materials as well as old fields.

We are aiming for Challenge and Evolution of HOKOKU CORPORATION.
We will continue to provide the world with “environmentally friendly products“ that are necessary for progressing fields such as AI and robot industries.


Hokoku Corporetion
Representative Director and President

今川 博道


Company Name Hokoku Corporation
Establishment November,1951
Capital 92,000,000 yen
Officers Hiromichi Imagawa [Representative Director and President]
Kazuaki Imagawa [Chairman]
Shigeo Satoh [Managing Director]
Masashi Taguchi [Managing Director]
Employees 99
Address [Head Office/Plant]
4-170, Oihara, Yao, Osaka, Japan
[Tokyo Office]
9F,3-6-9, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
[Mie Plant]
1349-36 Aza Rokunowari, Nagatsune-cho, Kumozu, Tsu, Mie
Affiliates Hoei Corporation
Business Production of vegetable fats and oils, Chemical Products, Castor Oil and its derivative
Main Products Refined Castor Oil, Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO)
Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid (D.C.O.-FA)
Castor Oil Fatty Acid(CO-FA)
Sebacic Acid
Sebacic Acid Esters (DOS,DMS,DBS,DES,etc.)
Sodium Sebacate
Undecylenic Acid, Undecylenic Acid Ester
Enanthol, 1-10 Decanediol
Principle Customers Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint, synthetic fibers, surfactants and metal lubricants, and trading companies dealing in these products.
Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Resona Bank

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1951 Hokoku started operation at Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka(present Hirano Warehouse)
1964 Yao Plant started operation.
Production of vegetable fats and oil's as well as Sebacic Acid.
1969 Rinkai Warehouse was completed at Semboku No.4 District,Rinkai-cho,  Izumiotsu, Osaka.
1971 Head Office was completed.
1974 Hoei Building was completed in front of Kashihara Station.
1981 Large scale oil production equipment was added. Capital was increased to 72,000,000yen.
1982 Fatty acid continuous reaction equipment was added.
1984 Resin reaction equipment was added.
1985 Fatty acid process equipment was added.
1988 Industrial site (10,000square meters) in a seaside of Yokkaichi was acquired.
1989 Fatty acid ester equipment was added.
1993 Tokyo Office was opened.
1994 Feng Ling Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture, was established in Inner  Mongolia, China.
1994 ISO 9002 was acquired.
1995 Industrial site in Tsu, Mie (33,000 square meters) was acquired.
1996 Capital was increased to 92,000,000yen.
1996 45th anniversary.
1997 Construction of Mie plant was completed.
1998 Mie plant acquired ISO 9002.
2000 Mie plant acquired ISO 14000.
2001 50th anniversary.
2002 Expansion of Mie plant completed.
2004 Mie plant expanded Tank Yard & Logistics warehouse.
2006 Mie plant expanded wastewater treatment equipment.
2008 Expansion of Mie plant office and R & D compleated.
2011 60th anniversary.
2017 Tokyo new office opened.

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